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wonderful thing to be grateful.

True story. One day I was on my way to do laundry. As I was walking alone. I began in my mind to talk to God  and I said "Father I no I don't have much but I am grateful with all that you have bless me with . I am grateful for the cart to take my children's clothes to the laundry and the money to wash and money for soap powder etc..".  Just the little things.. it was at a time in my life that I was really searching for God wanting to know God for myself .Later that day I was cooking and heard a knock at the door. I had not met any of my neighbors yet. My family and I was new to the neighborhood. It was a man at the door He told me he saw me walking pushing a cart to the laundry- mate And spoke to his wife and they wanted to (give) me and my family a washer and dryer and he would hook it up no charge and all they wanted was for me to accept and not be offended. That night I remembered my talk with God and knew because I had over come my situation. God had  changed my situation. God is good. Every situation is one step closer in this walk towards the light of truth.  May God bless and always keep, Lewie and his wife  Mal and two sons Jacob And James.


this is a hit!! By Nate, The Great.

 Check - out this song one of my sons put together . I had been asking to hear it again for months, Finally he sent the song to me and I am sharing it with you. Greatness raw and uncut .  Enjoy!

Song here.

Hot Netflix Series, must watch!

     Greenleaf, Ozark, Lucifer, last but not least  The OA .


Ever lasting Impressions

You should be amazed in this journey called life, I hope everyone can find time to feel the love and help someone in need. It must come from the heart, please! I find that Helping others is one of the most wonderful feelings and it is self-healing too, it keeps you in perfect peace. Your smiles! are priceless. After twenty plus years of working in Transportation, I have had countless encounters as well as conversations with people from all walks of life. There is something very magical about helping other people. Even though you may never encounter that person in life again.


Let's Talk about it.

Insight spotlight page was designed for just that It's a two-way road where you may have your insight posted to inspire others as we evolve together. Hit the button below to respond to any topic that may have inspired you or maybe even a topic of your own  you would like to be Spotlighted.


  Pollen.     As you may or may not know...?  What comes to mind when you hear the word Pollen There aren't too many places you can go and you are not surrounded by trees. I asked a few people on separate occasions "when you hear the word pollen, What comes to mind?" It was funny, because even if they knew it! they would not say. Pollen is  Plant sperm. yep! plant sperm, when you think of it like that, you know you should not be inhaling that stuff, at all. So when I put a mask on now! it's for COVID-19 and Pollen. Insight; Finally an answer to an aged old problem, Pollen why nature is attacking us and it is really all are fault, Most Trees, Flowers, and shrubs. are miss planted? If to many male trees are planted in one urban area you will know because there will be pollen covering everything in sight, your Neighborhoods: Cars, Homes.and everything else in sight. Believe it or not, it's called {Botanical sexism}  See I am thinking like this. These tinny micro-organisms up your nose, yea right! MASK PLEASE!!! and Thank you. . So how can we handle this problem: There is only one way...All! Trees plants and shrubs planted in urban areas should be Hermaphrodites. The Pollen is produced by male trees alone, and because some female trees have such a pungent odor when in-heat and It's so unbearable, most trees planted in Urban areas are male. So we need to write to our local city officials and come up with the perfect solution. Let us do some replanting not for beauty but for health and well being. Sincerely Insight Spotlight. 

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You can learn so much from watching nature: Men take notes. Women watch and learn.