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Presidential Election" 2020"

How Quickly We Forget.

 President Trump did some pretty great things for this country, He even made history. Trump brought a lot of hope back to America. Restoring factories, creating jobs for the American people. Factory workers are much needed to boost the economy, building a better tomorrow. Let's be honest here people have quality acceptable to some and undesirable to others. You have to see the truth for what it is. The box is only as valuable as the content. America has people with skills, and ability's, ideas, and hopes for a stronger future. Truth be told, Trump is a businessman and he was running this country like a business. Trump was strengthening within. Power comes from within. For so long we watched jobs moving to other countries.  Our borders being flooded with migrants, pushing their way into this country already filled with homeless people due to the loss of jobs. Companies going out of business. High taxes,  fires, and a pandemic running ramped. It was Discomforting to see the great celebration Displayed by those that disapproved of some of our President's freedom of expression. Trump said somethings that may have hurt some people, and they did not deserve it, and neither does he. Who's pointing the finger here? We do not all see things the same. life shapes us with time, culture, and environment. I could not bear to watch  News, and media, how shameful It seemed they wanted to hurt The President. It was just too much. I began to worry about his health. Can one man stand such humiliation, Coming from most of the country's people. It was just too much replayed over and over again. Shame on you all that point the Finger and is not standing in the mirror while doing so.

All things reviled

  Fire everywhere smog clouding the air   


this is a hit!! By Nate, The Great.

 Check - out this song one of my sons put together . I had been asking to hear it again for months, Finally he sent the song to me and I am sharing it with you. Greatness raw and uncut .  Enjoy!

Song here.

Hot Netflix Series, and movies, must watch!

   The Cures and The Gift with Jeff Bridges, Queen Sugar( on Hulu )check it out


  Pollen.     As you may or may not know...?  What comes to mind when you hear the word Pollen There aren't too many places you can go and you are not surrounded by trees. I asked a few people on separate occasions "when you hear the word pollen, What comes to mind?" It was funny, because even if they knew it! they would not say. Pollen is  Plant sperm. yep! plant sperm, when you think of it like that, you know you should not be inhaling that stuff, at all. So when I put a mask on now! it's for COVID-19 and Pollen. Insight; Finally an answer to an aged old problem, Pollen why nature is attacking us and it is really all are fault, Most Trees, Flowers, and shrubs. are miss planted? If to many male trees are planted in one urban area you will know because there will be pollen covering everything in sight, your Neighborhoods: Cars, Homes.and everything else in sight. Believe it or not, it's called {Botanical sexism}  See I am thinking like this. These tinny micro-organisms up your nose, yea right! MASK PLEASE!!! and Thank you. . So how can we handle this problem: There is only one way...All! Trees plants and shrubs planted in urban areas should be Hermaphrodites. The Pollen is produced by male trees alone, and because some female trees have such a pungent odor when in-heat and It's so unbearable, most trees planted in Urban areas are male. So we need to write to our local city officials and come up with the perfect solution. Let us do some replanting not for beauty but for health and well being. Sincerely Insight Spotlight. 

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You can learn so much from watching nature: Men take notes. Women watch and learn.